Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Eep indeed. Tomorrow I have to head to the hospital for a long awaited appointment with a neurologist. Last year I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia . Now although not that rare in itself its not that great either but is usually easily controllable. Its an illness that usually strikes people in older age and at 34 I like to think that im not quite there yet. In younger people its usually a sign of something else underlying. That something else in my case may be a clinical immune deficiency as my 13 year old son has a severe one. Ive always been amazed that when my son was diagnosed as his is so rare they never felt the need although genetic to test myself or his Father to find out where it came from.

Since diagnosis ive been receiving vitamin B12 jabs regularly. My levels to begin with were 170 and are now after a year only up to 340 and apparently this is still really poor and an indication that my body still isnt absorbing B12 how it should be.

The worst though is the other symptoms and hence my visit to the neurologist. Ive been getting really bad pins and needles in my hands and feet and at times they are so bad they stop me sleeping. Waking up feeling like ive been drinking about 2 litres of Old Rosie Cider followed with a couple of neat rums is another. My short term memory seems to be hampered aswell and failing to find the words I need in conversation. Those that know me well will tell you I have that amazing notebook mind that remembers everything important that needs to be done and when running a rescue thats alot of things, puts them in order etc and makes sure everything is sorted to deadline. Lately thats not happening and im finding myself saying "oh s**t!" more and more often when something again has been forgotten. Frustrating.

Whilst there I also have to visit the pathology laboratory for yet more blood samples to be taken.

Having had a son go through the hospital system so much I cant say im a fan. If im brutally honest im a little bit terrifed. Still at least after my system has taken a battering with this flu this week if anything is lurking below the surface and hiding they should well and truly pick it up.


Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Good luck tomorrow Lisa, will be thinking of you.

Will send Reiki so don't slam the walls up this time!! ;)


lisa marie said...

Good luck with all this. :)

I went through those B12 shots and weekly blood tests for a few months after I delivered my fourth child and they thought I might have pernicious anemia but we got it under control and then I had a hysterectomy and without having a cycle I have no been anemic since. :)

Sorry, all that to say, I kinda felt your pain. Hope all goes great with you and they figure out what's wrong and there's an easy fix. :)