Thursday, 17 April 2008

My Little Man

Or perhaps not so little man Jack my son. As mentioned in the first post to this blog he is actually 13 years old 14 in a couple of weeks time.
Jack has an immune deficiency that has always meant he is small for his age but the last few weeks he has started to mature. Gone are the days of the little stumpy sweetie teaming with puppy fat and that cute voice that even at 12 years of age made him sound about 5 and over the phone when I was away from home got him away with murder.
Now we just about manage a deep throated grunt and if im really lucky the only word he seems to know nowadays no! What is it that makes teenage lads loose the ability to speak? There is just this mad neanderthol quality that seems to have crept in, not only in his general appearance and attitude but his bedroom aswell. I say bedroom but its decidedly like the council tip lately and I wouldnt mind its his mess after all but I need to get in there to clean out the hamsters. I literally have to build myself up before entering and could do with getting some mountainering practice in aswell to help me navigate the piles that I need to climb over to make my way to the opposite end of the room.
Still I love him to pieces and having had a child who has at times been so desperatly ill makes you appreciate them more. Sadly in Jacks mind eye perhaps too much. We are also going through that inbetween stage in our relationship. He is currently trying to force me to cut the apron strings and allow him to go roaming the land with his fellow neanderthols and im trying to convince him that he still isnt old enough for the full on wandering the land scenario just yet. It doesnt totally lead to domestic harmony let me tell you, it also leads to act of physical violence towards in animate objects such as doors that are lucky not to be hanging off the way as the chanting scream of its so unfair is heard over the top of a banging door.

Im sure we will get there in the end I just dont like not knowing how to handle him at the moment. I spent quite an amount of time as a single parent with him so we have always up until recently been able to communicate without it turning into me balling like a fishwife and him slamming and grunting before clamming up and refusing to speak.

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