Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Where I live

I live in Stoke on Trent and am blessed that although in the middle of a big estate its less than 2 minutes to a wonderful walking spot near Ford Green Hall

So many big estates boarder the area but im always suprised by how few people use it even the local dog walkers never seem to be out in abundance. I dont mind its like walking your own private land most of the time and when you do meet people you almost feel incensed that they are there.
Tonight I went down with my camera. At the moment I only have a basic sony cybershot point and shoot BUT and this is a big BUT am seriously considering a SLR. Even second hand this is a big commitment because im still looking to spend around £400 for what I want. Ive never ever spent £400 on myself before ever! £400 on vets bills yes! £400 on my sons * needs * yeah right, yes. Myself, never! I figure maybe its time I did. Anything ive wanted that costs a decent amount of money before ive managed to stop the hankering. This hankering wont go away.
So back to the point.... before I make that commitment I wanted to try and get some decent shots with my point and shoot. I think I was trying to convince myself it really doesnt achieve what im wanting to achieve and that ive learnt how to use it and come as far as I can with it. I think im right and tonights walk and photo session made me even more adamant that I now am going to indulge myself and get a decent camera.

Still im quite proud of some of the shots I got this evening but I just know a better camera once ive learnt to use it I can acheive better. I dont have a hobby of my own, I want something to help me relax, get away from it all and photography I really do enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blogs. Love your photos ... :0)


Waljan's Blog said...

Fantastic photo's Lisa, you must show me your camera!
C x

Greyhound Gap Official News Blogger said...

This is my old camera Carol its just a point and shoot Sony Cybershot DSC W55. Have upgraded to a SLR now but not doing as well with that yet as im still finding my way around it lol