Sunday, 27 April 2008


Well Yack is an apt way to describe how im feeling this week.
To say ive not been well is an understatement.
I started on Wednesday to get that hit by a truck feeling and by 5pm resigned myself to the fated flu and headed off to bed.
I next surfaced at 4pm on Thursday night feeling worse than ever. I dont think ive ever taken so many pills and potions in my life to try and bring myself back into the land of the living but all was in vein. So back to bed at 6pm, back out at 9pm and back again at 10pm.
Friday I felt lousy there wasnt an inch of my body that didnt feel it had been through the ringer and no matter what I did I just couldnt shake it. Im one of those people that would rather be too cold than too hot and the temperature was driving me insane. That dont know what to do with yourself insane overheating like being in some mediteranean country with no breeze.
Friday night got worse, my chest became so tight I couldnt breath. I resisted going to the Drs as it got worse and worse, I think you get use to having it drummed into your head not to head to the Quacks with flu because there is nothing they can do, rest, drink fluids and sit it out. Sadly by Saturday morning I was so tight on breath it was making me sick. So the Quacks it was.
Once there I got told off for not coming sooner! I give up! Narrowly avoiding being packed off to the hospital for a full checking out (other issues ongoing health wise) I was placed on a nebuliser for half an hour. It helped and so have the two inhalers ive been packed off home with. Today im finally getting some relief, some sign its shifting on. I just wish I could get rid of the feeling of being whacked between the shoulder blades in my back and my rib cage in my front I have everytime I breath, move, or speak.

Lets hope tomorrow its gone.

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