Thursday, 8 May 2008

Bear With Me!

This last week I can catogorically state there is nothing more to life than dogs and certainly sadly no time for blogs. I missed Fun Monday and catogorically appologise to Kitten. I wasnt intentionally not participating and it has played on my mind alot. There has been such a high number of dogs in immediate danger of being put to sleep this week that ive been working all the time I have on sorting them, either bringing them into Greyhound Gap's care or finding alternative placements and arranging transport to get them to safety. I *hope* by the weekend all will be where they need to be safe and sound. We took the most beautiful rough coat in yesterday as Trish one of our volunteers shot off their and then to collect him. He is gentle, sweet, loving and a joy to be around so why oh why does the throw away mentality of humans mean he was booked to be destroyed at 8.30am this morning.

Normal blogging will hopefully be resumed next week if things are less hectic but we are leaving tomorrow for a four hour drive down to Essex to fundraise at All about dogs for the weekend. At least the weather appears to be on our side as we are camping. Phew!

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rick said...

Hey great work done, I will be looking forward for more on your blog when you get back from work.